A Brand Unlike The Others

Apparel for a Cause is more than just another a clothing company, we are a brand that is synonymous with positive change. We strive to drive awareness and impact real issues world wide that desperately need global attention. With recognition that people want their clothing to stand for more than style, 'swag', and sex, we know that you want to make a difference. This is who we are, the purchase of an AFC product is the indoctrination into a community of people who care. People who are awoken, not blinded by a biased westernized media screen that turns a blind eye at real issues. 

It isn't a difficult concept, its primal. We are a community of people, forget arbitrary borders, colour, religion and hatred. When it comes down to it, we need to understand that as a community, when somebody is struggling — no matter where they are — that hurts the human race as a whole. 

We want AFC and our website to be a place that inspires you. A place where you can go to find information on real issues, organizations doing something about it, a value to humanitarianism, how you can make a difference, and what we find to be the value in life. Profit is not our goal, with all of our products made in Canada with environmentally friendly materials in mind we operate at better margins than most non-profits that promote similar ideals. 

Proudly Canadian. Proudly young. Proudly making a difference. 

Join the AFC community now to start making real change.


The Value of Humanity

How do we value humanity?

There's no getting around it, our western media culture is biased on what lives we give the most attention. Whether in triumph, tragedy, or political turmoil its important to view all of humanity as equal. By not doing so we aren't able to help the world where it needs it most, and that hurts all of us. Vulnerability might not have the largest voice but it has the largest need.

I truly believe we are the generation to break borders, in nation, gender equality, and human rights. Be active, be vocal, be strong. The world is changing, let's change it for the better. Everyone needs a voice.


- Michael Godinho

Who We Are | The Community to Become

Hello everyone,

This is completely out of my comfort zone, but why not! I decided to start this video series called "AFC Let's Talk" to focus on and bring awareness to crucial issues and what AFC has been doing recently. 

If you guys would like me to start a blog as well, let me know!

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