We have always said AFC is more than a clothing brand, its also place where people can gather inspiration and come together. 

Life is so special, unique and beautiful. Each person creates their own meaning to their own life, the reason as to why they get up every morning, and the reason to why they think its all worth it. This meaning may change throughout the course your life but having one is important.

michael godinho - "ASPIRANT"

Its pretty simple for me, the meaning and purpose that I have today hasn't changed in years. I’m not concerned with my biological death, but my true holistic end. Not the day that I will breathe my last breath, but the day that the last person on earth will say my name. I want to build a legacy, in this day and age with social media recording our every action, move and desire, we are the first ever generation to be so heavily documented. So in essence, we are the start of our family, and generations past us will be able to easily look up the kind of men and women we were and what we did throughout our lives. I want to give them someone to look up too, someone who realized that there is value in helping others. That is why I get up every morning.

I chase happiness, adventure, moments, peace, and legacy.

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We all ask ourselves, at one point or another, why we're here. Obviously, we want to find happiness, and I believe that's the first big step - to learn to embrace it instead of chase it. Only once our desire to share this happiness becomes bigger than our desire to have more for ourselves do I believe we can each pure-heartedly find true purpose...


Since before I can remember I was driven and inspired by how things work, both in terms of humanity and the universe at its most fundamental level. However, I have often found myself perplexed at how seldom people try applying the lessons from the universe to modern society. In science, we value evidence that contradicts our own – in fact, we demand it! In public life, however, many are resistant to the idea of their own incorrectness...


In a changing world, as a changing person, meaning changes. The next morning you're waking up for a new reason, with a new drive. Meaning cannot be based on any tangible item, nor a goal, nor a place, because these all change. I believe meaning is created by how you internalize your life, the people, and world around you...


Hi, I am Nik and I am an obsessed traveller, social entrepreneur and semi-professional hitchhiker. Personally I believe that experiences and adventures are the things that make me happy. I love to meet new people, being exposed to gnarly conditions and chasing once-in-a-lifetime chances and moments...


The fortunate freedom of endless possibilities and opportunities, that’s what drives me to get up each morning. Believing that each day, I have the choice to dictate where each day takes me...