Hello! I’m Michael Godinho, Founder and President of Apparel for a Cause. I’m an avid soccer and lifting athlete, business man, hopeful engineer, amateur astronomer, global citizen, volunteer, and adventure seeker. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but have mostly lived my life in beautiful British Columbia with my rambunctious Portuguese family. I had always been involved in service and clubs throughout high school especially with my work with Free The Children, which earned me the honour of two International Rotary awards and class valedictorian. Now fresh out of high school, I started AFC so that I could continue to contribute to my global community and now provide a quality Canadian made product to market. My goal is for AFC to be a community of people who truly care and create real change in issues worldwide. It’s been a rollercoaster starting AFC with lots of bureaucratic tape to duck under, excitement, self doubt, and hard work in the background. I hope to continue to help grow AFC with the rest of my team and to push forward to help people world wide.



Hi! My name is Brad. I am the man responsible for creating the face of AFC. Anything from photos to video and design - thats me! I have been a freelance Lifestyle, Travel Photographer and Graphic Designer for 4 years now and I am so excited to be able to help bring AFC to life. My goal as a photographer and designer is to create images and videos that combine a simplistic style with colours and textures of nature.

When Michael shared his idea of Apparel for a Cause with me and asked me to be a creative mind behind the company I was honoured! It has been such an privilege to see the success we have reached thus far and the changes we have made. During my spare time you can find me adventuring through British Columbia, with friends capturing the best of the Pacific Northwest.